5 ways to brighten Christmas for someone else.

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Oh how wonderful it would be if we lived in world where there was no poverty, no domestic or family violence, no conflict, no illness or suffering. However, that’s not the reality.

Unfortunately, the reality is that circumstances stay the same irrespective of a date or a holiday season. You yourself may be struggling and just want Christmas to be over and done with because of some of the challenges you’re facing.

When going through a difficult time, it can be beneficial and therapeutic to do things for others as it takes the focus off what you’re thinking and feeling. It may even provide you with more joy and fulfilment than you expected.

 Here are 5 ways you can make a big difference to ensure someone has a happy Christmas.

  1. Find out who is alone:

Being on your own at Christmas is really tough. Invite them around to share in some kind of celebration so they know they’re loved and cared for.

  2. Volunteer:

The Samaritans are holding a Christmas Day Lunch on the Newcastle Foreshore Park for anyone to come and join them. For more information call 02 4960 7100.

  3. Visit someone who is sick, housebound or living in a nursing home:

Being unable to share in Christmas activities can be lonely and isolating.  A visit will certainly bring along some much needed Christmas cheer.

  4. Invite a migrant family for Christmas lunch:

Even if you love living in the country of your choice, it’s hard not to feel a little homesick on Christmas day. Hearing their stories about how they would celebrate Christmas before coming to Australia will be therapeutic for them and enriching for you.

  5. Pay for Christmas groceries:

Paying for a Christmas feast can be expensive, especially for those doing it financially tough. Paying for their groceries frees their budget up so they’ll be able to treat themselves in ways you take for granted.

You might know of other ways to spread some Christmas cheer around. Please share your ideas and plans. You might inspire someone else!

I wish all The Sista Code community and readers a very Merry Christmas. I’m really excited to see what 2017 has waiting for us.

Love Rita. 



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Rita Barnett

Rita Barnett is a counsellor/psychotherapist who loves working with women who may have had difficult relationships in the past, and want to discover new ways to have happy and fulfilled relationships in their future. Rita believes that the most important person you need to have solid relationship with is you. From that, everything else follows.

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