Adrienne’s FebFast update – she’s on fire!

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Last night was the mid way point of FebFast so I decided to celebrate… in a beer garden full of people drinking and smoking. Smart move right?

I am happy to report that I stayed strong sistas! 336 hours of FebFast has passed a not a sip of wine has been consumed by yours truly.

I’m not going to lie, it hasn’t been easy. Leading up to my friends 30th last night I began to question my self control. What if I just snuck a quick cigarette around the corner? What if I just tried a tiny bit of my friend’s glass of Sauvignon Blanc?

You’ve done so well so far, you deserve one little bit. It was so easy to justify why it would be okay in my head, that’s what my pre FebFast self would have done. But I remained commitment to my FebFast pledge and I am feeling pretty good about that decision this morning!

Not only am I feeling better physically but I can’t help thinking of the money I have saved. I guess it somewhere around the $300 mark which is a substantial amount of money in my world. And then there is the emotional side, not waking up feeling tired and cranky and all those other wonderful feelings that come with a hangover. So I am winning all round really.

To Alex, Scott, Camille, Paul, Brigette, Cora-Lee, Paul, Heidi and my awesome Mum Brenda – thank you all so much for your kind donations. So far my FebFast efforts have raised $285, only $115 until I reach my fundraising goal.

This money will go a long way in helping young people who are struggling with addiction. The programs we help support make a difference in the lives of vulnerable young people twelve months a year. If you would like to donation feel free to jump over to my page


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