Get your 50 shades of pink on!

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Ok, before you start yelling, ‘Really Mel, another post about breast cancer?’, I’ll jump in by saying this is a happy fun post, I promise!

What’s not to love about having fun with your friends for a great cause? It’s time to get our 50 Shades of Pink on ladies and have a Girls Night In!

Breast cancer really is an insidious disease, affecting women from all walks of life globally everyday.

I know… I had it… it sucks.

The great thing about Pink Ribbon month is that is provides a fun and fabulous platform for women everywhere to do their part in supporting breast cancer research and awareness!

It is so easy for you to get involved! As a start, get some of your closest friends and have a 50 Shades of Pink ‘Girls Night In’!

Here’s a few ideas for hosting a Girls Night In pink fundraiser:

 1. Have a fancy cocktail Girls Night In

This is a great idea if you want to have an excuse to dress up, sip some wine or champagne and an even better excuse to bring dessert and eat lots of chocolate! This can be whatever you make it and can be even better with a fun theme such as Pink Theme or Great Gatsby theme, complete with a fun photobooth to remember the night.

2. Clothing Swap

New clothes are always a winner, even better if you get to swap them! Bring your girlfriends over with some clothes don’t wear anymore and swap with each other. It’s a great idea when you have nice clothes lying around in that cupboard of yours that you don’t wear much and swap it for something you will use – everyone’s a winner. Remember to ask your friends to bring along a donation!

3. Dessert Night

What girls night is complete without a few delicious dessert morsels? This is a fun excuse to get your baking on and try some sweet new treats with the girls. You can each bring your favourite desserts or help each other make them. Think dessert pizzas, cupcakes and chocolate mousse? Sign me up!

4. A good ol’ fashion movie night and slumber party

I don’t care what anyone says, slumber parties aren’t just for school girls! I love nothing better than getting my jammies on, watching movies, reading magazines and have chats with my girlfriends – and what a better excuse than to support other women during Pink Ribbon month.

A Girls Night In is all about having fun for an important cause. Let your imagination go wild – you can make the night anything you want it to. Just remember to ask your guests to make a donation, run some raffles or sell tickets to your night in. You can make it as simple or fabulous as you wish.

To get started and register your Girls Night In event, go to

To find out about other events, such as fun-runs and walks, internationally, visit 



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