How a workable wardrobe can change your life!

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Ok, so that is a dramatic title for this article but it is true!

Think about it…how many times have you panicked being invited to an event only to be faced with “I have nothing to wear” or “I can’t afford to buy an new outfit so I won’t go”?

Trust me once you master how to build a workable wardrobe you will always have something in your closet to wear. Ok, so you may still want something new but hey that is a want not a need.

Now with the new season upon us there is no better time to start to think about your wardrobe, and how you are going to dress for every occasion through the cooler months. Let’s start with:

What is a workable wardrobe?

A workable wardrobe is a collection of items that when coordinated together will create multiple outfits to accommodate all areas of your lifestyle.

The benefits of having a workable wardrobe are:

  • save money because you require less items to create outfits;
  • save time as your outfits will all coordinate and require less thought when getting dressed;
  • feel confident accepting social invitations, because you know you will be able to find the appropriate outfit in your wardrobe;
  • avoid impulse or last minute shopping, because you will always have something to wear or know exactly what additional items you need to purchase in order to create a new look from your existing wardrobe items; 
  • won’t need to purchase an entirely new wardrobe every season. All you 
will require are a few additional items to keep your wardrobe modern, fresh
and exciting.

Steps to creating a wardrobe that works!

  1. Choose A Colour Theme:

This will ensure all of your items mix and match together allowing you to create maximum outfits with minimum pieces. Always be sure to choose colours that are perfect for your colour palette, therefore, if black is too cool and harsh for your complexion substitute it for navy or another dark neutral.

  1. Have An 80/20 Item Balance:

Your wardrobe should consist of
 80% base pieces that are generally timeless in design and colour and can coordinate with 3 or more existing items. For example, pant, skirt, dress, jacket, jean, tee and camisole in plain or neutral colours.

20% of your wardrobe should be items that express your style. These are more fashionable or fad items in on trend colours or styling that you replace or update each season such as prints, patterns, garments with detailing.

  1. Ample Accessories:

Accessorising is the key to creating many looks from minimum items and keeping your wardrobe updated and modern. If you are not a lover of accessories or you don’t feel confident wearing them opt for a coloured jacket, shoe, bag or scarf to create different looks.


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Wardrobe Warning:

As satisfying as it may be to have a workable wardrobe with minimal items, don’t allow yourself to get lazy and fall into the habit of only buying items that are “safe” and plain.

Yes, we all need the wardrobe essentials to guarantee our wardrobe works, however, this doesn’t mean you have to totally conform. As long as your item serves the purpose it is intended; you have our absolute style permission to be imaginative with your choices.

So what are you waiting for?

Stop wasting time and money and start creating a well organsied, workable wardrobe that is perfect for your colour palette, body shape, life and reflects your personal style.

We guarantee you will have stress free mornings, start walking with a strut and experience stylish days everyday!

Yours vibrantly,

Sam & Jordi Xx


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Sam and Jordi Woods

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