How to shop like a Stylist – our tips for retail sanity!

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Our 35+ years of combined experience as professional, personal shoppers/stylists has taught us that there are 3 types of shoppers;

  1. Those who HATE shopping
  2. Those who are “SHOPAHOLICS”
  3. Those who TOLERATE shopping

Now depending which type of shopper our clients are, our approach to their personal style/shopping session will vary. For example a “shopaholic” will need to be educated in “what not to buy” while a shopping “hater” or “tolerator” will need to be taught how to get what they need and get out of the shops quickly!

No matter what type of shopper you are the following tips will hopefully help keep you sane next time you shop.

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Below are a few tips and techniques to try when shopping so you can create a dream wardrobe within your required budget, with minimum stress and fuss:

  1. Scan the store and ONLY gravitate towards colours that are perfect for your season palette ( eg. cool, warm, muted, clear, low contrast, high contrast etc.)
  2. Be confident when making purchases – if you don’t love it, leave it!
  3. Only purchase garments that are PERFECT for your body shape.
  4. Complete a wardrobe audit prior to shopping so you do not double up on items.
  5. ONLY buy items that suit your lifestyle. If shopping for special occasions be aware of your “cost per wear” spending.
  6. Be sure to accessorise your purchased outfits to create maximum looks with minimum items
  7. When you find an item you like don’t buy it in every colour because it is easy…doing this can make your wardrobe look boring and repetitive
  8. Be sure to buy pieces you can layer and illusion dress with. Layering and mixing wardrobe items. Together this will ensure your: 
    A) outfits reflect your personal style and
    B) outfits are flattering your figure, enhancing your assets and camouflaging your not so favourite parts!
  9. Don’t buy something unless IT LOVES YOU! Fashion can be very tempting however, unless it is the perfect colour, shape or style for you, you will never love it when you wear it.
  10. Trust your gut! If an item isn’t comfortable to wear don’t buy it.
    TIP: Clothes should fit like a second skin, if you find yourself pulling at them or repeatedly moving them around into place, chances are they are not the correct fit for you.

Bonus Tips For Before You Head To The Shops:

Be prepared and have a list of what you need to complete your wardrobe, don’t impulse buy unless you know the item will add value to you and your wardrobe!

Have your hair neatly done and wear a little makeup when shopping. 

This can:

  1. Make you feel more confident in the change room.
  2. Ensure you look your best in whatever you are trying on.
  3. Make sales staff more attentive and take you seriously. Remember the Rodeo Drive scene in “Pretty Woman” with Julia Roberts! Not fair I know but it can happen.

Never shop when you are tired or depressed. This is when you are most likely to make a bad purchase because you may not be at your most rational.


Most things will feel fabulous the first time we wear them…the tell tale sign that it IS fabulous for us is when we LOVE it the 10th and 50th time we wear it!

Shopper Beware!

Shopping with girlfriends and family can be fun but sometimes the danger here is they will recommend (very innocently) what they like, and not what is necessarily best for you.

Sales assistants can also mean well however, always remember they are there to sell their product and don’t have other products on hand that could be a better choice for you. They also only have what is in their store to accessorise your outfit therefore, you can run the risk of looking the same as the next person.

Hiring an independent stylist like us who are not linked with a shopping centre or specific brands will ensure you receive honest, professional advice and be taken to the stores that we have researched to be best for you. Yes, you have to pay for our expertise but what you pay can be the cost of one or two bad buys!

Happy shopping!

Sam & Jordi xx


Sam and Jordi Woods

Once you’ve met Sam Woods, it’s hard not to catch her infectious passion for dressing to match your own lifestyle, personality and charisma. It’s why she’s shared the limelight alongside the likes of Gok Wan, Sally Obermeder and Westfield to name a few. Through her consultancy ‘Vibrant Concepts’, Sam has transformed the lives of hundreds from everyday legends to corporate giants. Sam’s 30 years of knowledge and experience has been passed down to her daughter Jordi who with her own unique style, fresh approach and love of all VC stands for is a “chip off the old block” (only younger & cuter)! Let Sam & Jordi show you how to look and feel fabulous everyday – learn the art of illusion dressing, colour matching, styling, translating fashion trends and savvy shopping with their unique styling systems and services that are truly personal and really work!

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