Make Friends With Makeup!

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For centuries woman have been enhancing their beauty with the use of rocks, minerals and plants and today is no different. 

Women use make up for a number of reasons but the most common factor is to feel better about themselves and to enhance their features. 

Whether makeup is something that interests you or not there is no ignoring the fact that when makeup is applied correctly it will enhance our features and leave us looking radiant, less tired, more youthful and modern. 


This isn’t to say a woman can’t look gorgeous without makeup, they most definitely can, and if you don’t like or don’t want to wear makeup you should stay true to yourself and avoid it as you won’t feel comfortable.

However, if you would like to showcase your features, hide blemishes or create a different look for a special occasion then we are here to show you how to do it with confidence!

Working as makeup artists for many years has taught us a lot about women and how we perceive our beauty, so called “flaws” and “smile lines”.

From these experiences and the many faces we have “made over” from teenagers to brides to grandmothers, we can honestly say that we are yet to see a woman or girl who didn’t look even more radiant with correctly applied makeup than without.

No matter how youthful, gorgeous or “flawless” a client’s face may have been, a little bit of makeup “frosting” to enhance their assets, even their skin tone and conceal their perceived “imperfections” always worked wonders!

WHY MAKEUP CAN BE YOUR NEW BFF (best friend forever!)

Life can be very hectic and our daily routines can leave us feeling exhausted and looking tired. When juggling work, family and social commitments it isn’t always practical or achievable to get enough sleep, drink eight glasses of water a day, go for a walk or any of the other things we know that can help us look and feel better. 


So what can we do? Reach for our makeup bag!

Makeup really is a girl’s best friend when a quick “pick me up” is required. Nothing works faster that a dusting of blush, a smear of lippy and a stroke of mascara.

“Of course, true beauty comes from within. Lipstick just adds a little pizazz!” Anna Warner, lipstick–

Understanding why we look better with rather than without makeup can often help motivate us to make the effort, and apply a little non permanent enhancement when we want to look and feel brighter.

The 3 Key Elements Of Makeup

  1. Camouflage: makeup can conceal imperfections, scars and blemishes allowing us to have a more even and translucent complexion…a “blank canvas”!
  2. Colour: makeup adds or enhances the colour in our face and eyes allowing us to look more radiant and energised. Colour can also be an accessory to our look, for example a strong red lip can add drama to an outfit.
  3. Enhance: makeup can be used to sculpt, shape, enhance and heighten features, face shapes and our natural beauty. 

Mastering the 5 Minute Makeover

Warning…this may take you more than 5 minutes at first and you may even choose to add or skip some steps to suit your lifestyle and makeup routine needs. In any case always remember, when it comes to applying makeup the secret ingredient is – practice, practice, practice!!

  • Step 1. Apply base products: Foundation and concealer.
  • Step 2. Dust face with powder: Loose or pressed powder.
  • Step 3. Comb eyebrows and apply eyebrow if needed: pencil, powder or gel.
  • Step 4. Apply eye shadow to highlight under brow: use a light neutral shade.
  • Step 5. Apply eye shadow to eye lid: use a medium shade. bc46c23c-6fbd-4749-ab46-723b64db7ca7
  • Step 6. Apply eye shadow to eye socket: use deepest shade.
  • Step 7. Eyeliner (optional) applied to upper and lower lash line: for a more natural look smudge with a cotton tip or eye shadow brush after application.
  • Step 8. Coat lashes with mascara to open the eyes and thicken lashes.
  • Step 9. Line lips with a lip liner and apply a coat of lipstick and/or gloss.
  • Step 10. Colour and contour cheeks: apply blush to apple of cheeks, (optional: contour under cheekbone with a deep neutral powder and highlight along top of cheekbone to create height with a luminating or shimmer powder).

So go on, experiment and start having fun exploring the benefits and wonders a well applied makeup look can provide.

Happy colouring!

Sam & Jordi xx

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Sam and Jordi Woods

Once you’ve met Sam Woods, it’s hard not to catch her infectious passion for dressing to match your own lifestyle, personality and charisma. It’s why she’s shared the limelight alongside the likes of Gok Wan, Sally Obermeder and Westfield to name a few. Through her consultancy ‘Vibrant Concepts’, Sam has transformed the lives of hundreds from everyday legends to corporate giants. Sam’s 30 years of knowledge and experience has been passed down to her daughter Jordi who with her own unique style, fresh approach and love of all VC stands for is a “chip off the old block” (only younger & cuter)! Let Sam & Jordi show you how to look and feel fabulous everyday – learn the art of illusion dressing, colour matching, styling, translating fashion trends and savvy shopping with their unique styling systems and services that are truly personal and really work!

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