The Sista Code is running a photography competition, during which time participants may be invited to participate in the exhibition, “Through the eyes of a sista…”. 

Each Monday, for the next seven weeks, a different photographic theme posted for that week.

Week 1: 29 Sept – 5 October, the theme is “sista”
Week 2: 6 – 12 October, the theme is “circle”
Week 3: 13 – 19 October, the theme is “look up”
Week 4: 20 – 26 October, the theme is “shine”
Week 5: 27 Oct – 2 November, the theme is “on the street”
Week 6: 3 – 9 November, the theme is “this made me smile”
Week 7: 10 – 17 November, the theme is “calm”

*Photos that are included in the gallery are photos that are from ‘public’ Instagram users.

If you wish to join in, you register to enter by CLICKING HERE!  

To read the full competition rules and process, just click here!

Here are some of the images that have been entered via Instagram!