Q & A with Elizabeth McKenzie aka Lizzelfish

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This week’s Q and A is with and inspiring sista, Lizzlefish, who shares some insights and tips for living an amazing life!

Name: Elizabeth McKenzie aka Lizzlefish

Day job: Marketing and business coach and spiritual mentor and all round life lover

What drives you? My purpose – to help raise the vibrations of the world. It’s the why behind everything I do. It’s also my own personal compass to make sure my vibes are flying high. Life is so much better up there. I make decisions with ease, stay focussed, speak my truth, smile and actually action the shiz I need to action!

What are you most proud of? The courage to say: I can’t settle with this situation anymore. There’s been maybe 3 times I’ve had to make this decision in my life — mostly around relationships — where I’ve had to ask the hard questions and be courageous enough to rise above the reality I created. That usually means walking away. They’ve been hard but they’ve been so essential for my growth. They’ve guided me to piece myself together more and more – to become my truth.

What is your theme song? I think, without a shadow of a doubt Bon Jovi – Livin’ on a Prayer. Bogan much?

Who has had the biggest impact on your life? My dad. He dropped out of school at 17, got a job, went to night school and became the most successful now-retired business man I’ve met. He shone his light to show me what’s possible. That I don’t have to settle. That I can want it all. He has supported every crazy decision I’ve made. He’s showed me what it’s like to create your own business and have it BOOM and he’s encouraged me every step of the way through my entrepreneurial journey. All this is to say, he’s shown me single handedly that LTD (living the dream) is possible.

Which living person inspires you the most? Besides my dad? People inspire me. Everyday people living their lives. I’m so drawn to people’s stories. How they got to be where they are right now, and the why behind why they’re here. It’s their stories that inspire me. With blogs being so accessible to people to share their stories, I love reading bloggers that share a piece of themselves and their journey with the world.

What’s your greatest regret? I don’t have any major regrets. I know, it’s cliché – live without regrets – but in all honestly, the things I’ve regretted have been stupid little things, like rocking up to my temp job in London still drunk and getting fired. That cringe-worthy shit is the stuff I regret. The big player stuff, not so much.

How do you deal with naysayers? Take a big deep breath, ignore it and come back to it once I’ve stopped reacting. I’m passionate (Read: hot headed) so when someone comes between me and my vision, I can get real pissed real quick. To deal, I need to breathe, ignore and process at the left brain logical level. There’ve been times I’ve flung a passionate rant someone’s way but I’m way more grown up now (Read: I now rant to my friends instead).

What has been a life changing moment for you? How about packing up my life and moving myself onto my parents’ yacht to live with them for three months?  I’m going through some major changes right now and it’s about time. Change used to scare me. I was a self-proclaimed ‘I can’t deal with change’ kinda person. This identity was keeping me stuck and so when this opportunity present itself – to become a nomad with an ever-changing location, my spirit and soul said yes.

What talent would you most like to have? I would love LOVE LOVE to be a wicked dancer. Like one of those hip hop dancers that look straight out of a Step Up movie. And to be part of a dance crew too.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given and by whom? Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end. I don’t know who hooked me up with it – maybe it was an Instagram thing but its let me release that suffocatingly tight grip I’ve had on many situations and allowed me to just surrender to the moment of where I am, knowing safely it’s not the end.

 That, with everything is figureoutable from Marie spin gold.

What’s the worst job you have ever had? With 30+ job notches on my belt, it’s a tough question… Oh, what about the time I worked at Hungry Jacks when I was 14 and 6 months (the legal working age here) and used to vomit every shift from the smell? That was pretty bad.

What trait do you really value in your friends? Humour. If we can’t laugh about farts what are we good for?

What has been the biggest lesson you have learnt (in life or in business)? Compromise is such a dirty word. Don’t compromise your truth, who you are, what you stand for and what you want – in business, in relationships, in life. Because when you do, you compromise you. You stop shining your light. You dim yourself. You become stagnant. You shrink. And your soul cries.

What is your motto? Be Real. Be Rad. Shine On.

How can we follow you? (Social media) Come join the crew on Facebook here

 Tweet me here @lizzlefish

 Insta-stalk me here @lizzlefish

Bio: Elizabeth is a professional business coach, spiritual mentor and the creator of The Spiritual Material Gal eCourse. She’s also the creator of high-end private coaching programs and courses geared towards helping ambitious and successful women who ‘seem’ like they’ve got it all figured out… yet who still don’t feel like their heart’s truly fulfilled.

She’s the go-to for helping you tackle your biz blocks, tap into your spiritual side, and live a totally kick-ass life. With her trademark blend of heartfelt honesty and straight-talking swagger, she ties it all together to set you on the fast track to personal, professional, and spiritual success.

Instead of just keepin’ on doing what’s not working, Elizabeth can show you how to get exactly what you want – whether that means building a business you love, creating more happiness, or simply getting more out of your life.

 You can find Elizabeth over at her home on the internet Your Highest Self<> , grab her free Best Life Ever Toolkit here and connect with her on Facebook here and twitter here <>


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