Sistas helping Sistas at the inaugural The Sista Code Supper Club event

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I have long held the belief that most people in the world are innately good. That even though we have moments when our emotions slip into the negative and we can behave in a way that’s maybe not so nice, most people want to support others and wish them well.

And so it was recently when 66 sistas came together to support a local women’s refuge ‘Jenny’s Place’ at the inaugural The Sista Code Supper Club event in Newcastle, Australia.

The kindness and compassion shown by these women was seen in the 60-odd bags and suitcases filled with donated clothing and a monetary donation of $1590 for the refuge.

Throughout the night there was a wonderful spirit of support and sharing – both by the women that attended; and by the guest speakers, Belinda Smith from UN Women Hunter Chapter, and domestic violence survivor and author of the book ‘Blood Vows’, Helen Cummings.

There was barely a dry eye as Helen bared her soul and story of domestic violence to the women in the room.

Helen was especially giving, pushing through her raw vulnerability and emotion to make sure all that attended understood her messages: that domestic violence is absolutely unacceptable and not the victims fault; about behavioural signs women must look for that may indicate a person could become emotionally and/or physically abusive; and the horrific effect that domestic violence has on women and their children.

It was really awesome to see so many sistas come and share a supper, each other’s company and support other sistas!


Jill from ‘Jenny’s Place’ came to see me this afternoon with a letter of thanks that she asked me to share with all the sistas that came to the Supper Club event…

“The day after we received the clothes from the The Sista Code Supper Club, one of our workers went through them all and filled a suitcase for each client in residence and the rest we stored in our lounge cupboard for future clients.

The next day, one of our women came downstairs with tears in her eyes looking beautiful. She had blow-dried her hair, put on makeup and was dressed from earrings to a gorgeous dress, jacket, leggings and apricot flats that looked new. She said to us, “I feel beautiful.”

She said for the past month she has been living in track pants and sloppy joes and didn’t care what she looked like. She said, “I have not felt so good for a very long time.” She was glowing.

We also told her how amazing she looked and I cannot tell you how good that make her feel.

At Jenny’s we run empowerment groups to build self-esteem and confidence as it’s often diminished after years of abuse. Through your amazing donations we were reminded of how important clothes and feeling good is so important, especially to women and children.

On behalf of the women, children and staff from Jenny’s Place, thank you to all the members of The Sista Code and the wonderful and kind women that attended the fundraiser. We cannot thank you enough for your fundraising and your wonderful donations.”


Chances are there is a women’s refuge in your area that you can support. Women that are escaping a violent husband or partner, on their own or with their children, often arrive at a refuge with nothing but the clothes on their back. They literally must start again. You can help by donating good quality second-hand or new clothing, linen, towels, toiletries and other home and personal items to your local women’s refuge.

You will be helping another sista and her children to start again – a new beginning, a new life!


We intend to hold The Sista Club Supper Club events regularly, every few months, and in various locations, locally, nationally and internationally. The events are an opportunity for sistas to have a fun event together, while also providing them the opportunity to support other sistas in some way.

If you are interested in us holding a The Sista Code Supper Club event in your area, just let us know! Together we can make a difference!

Mel xx

Jill from women's refuge, 'Jenny's Place', with a cheque from funds raised at The Sista Code Supper Club event.

Jill from women’s refuge, ‘Jenny’s Place’, with a cheque from funds raised at The Sista Code Supper Club event.

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Melissa Histon

Photographer, philanthropist, adventurer, blogger, avid permitter and social changer, Melissa Histon is a woman on a mission to make a real difference to the lives of women globally. Melissa spent 10 years working in the corporate world before leaving to establish a successful photography business. After experiencing a number of life-altering events, Melissa created The Sista Code in May 2014 with a dream to see women empowered, happy and connected. Whether it's building a house for the homeless in Nepal, interviewing inspiring women from around the globe, or creating events and campaigns to support sistas escaping domestic violence, Melissa knows that true change can only happen when we all stand together and boost each other.

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