Sometimes you have to go with the flow…

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Every now and then it seems as though the Universe/Life/God gives us a not so subtle hint that we need to slow down and take the time to stop running and just be.

I know I’m not alone when I say that sometimes my life just seems to be running at a cracking pace that could rival Makybe Diva in the Melbourne Cup.

(To all our American sistas – that’s reference to a very fast horse in the Australian equivalent to the Kentucky Derby).

As women, we are expert jugglers trying to keep countless balls in smooth, fluid motion in the air; more specifically our kids, work, sport, hobbies, health and husbands.

But sometimes it seems as though the Universe/Life/God gives a good ol’ shove that lands us literally on our butts.

For me, that was last Friday when I spent the day on my butt on my driveway. Literally.

I didn’t intend to spend the day like that. I had a massive day planned catching up with some girlfriends, back-to-back meetings until the early afternoon, followed by school pick-ups. It was the final busy day to a jam-packed week that I spent on the go between Sydney and Newcastle.

But something happened that halted me in my tracks first thing that morning: I locked both sets of keys in my car.

I felt sick with panic so I ran around the car from door to door checking if there was any that would open for me. Alas, they stayed firmly locked.

Then I began the calls to Road Assistance and a locksmith… and my day sitting in the driveway waiting while car ‘experts’ tried their best to break into our car.

I thought it would be pretty easy; there’s a whole movie called “Gone in 60 Seconds” which shows how easy it should be. I mean if Angelina Joie can crack a car door open in under 60 seconds, I would have thought a car mechanic would have that baby open in under 30!

But no, after three hours the mechanic from Road Assistance gave up and suggested I get my car keys out by smashing one of the windows!!

After another two hours it was expert locksmith, ‘Mr Car Keys’, who managed to unlock my car by pressing on the keys trapped inside my handbag inside the car with a long steel rod fed through the door gap.

During the day I sat on a chair in my garage driveway and called all the people I was supposed to meet with in person and had meetings with them over the phone instead. That was the first hour. The rest of the time I did a bit of writing on my laptop and some reading.



To be happy, we really need very little. It is so easy to fill our lives with constant activity, constant ‘doing’ and ‘things’. And when we are not filling our own lives with activity, we fill our children’s lives and set them on the round-a-bout to be doing more and more, rather than enjoy the simplicity of life.

It’s possible to strive so hard that we can end up missing the most important things in life: like taking the time to stop, breathe, relax, nurture our minds and bodies.

In the 21st century, our lives move at such a fast pace that they can speed pass us before we have time to stop and enjoy them.

So take time to enjoy whatever you’re doing, to appreciate the outdoors, to actually focus on whoever you’re talking to or spending time with.

Slowing down is a conscious choice and one that leads to a greater appreciation for life and a greater level of happiness.


The world will go on without me. We have to be open and willing to allow certain things that were meant to be to happen or come into our life. Many may actually be things we didn’t plan or even imagine for ourselves. But it will be ok.

I find it really interesting when I reflect back that I had filled my whole day running around from meeting to meeting and really there was nothing I couldn’t sort out over the phone.

I called each person and ended up having the meeting over the phone in half the time that it would have taken face-to-face; and I didn’t have to worry about driving around and finding a carpark.

When I stopped feeling angry and frustrated that my day wasn’t going as I planned and chose to go with the flow, everything was ok. 


We get so busy in life because we are scared of missing out: Missing out on social events, missing out on business opportunities, missing out on goals and dreams.

At some time in our lives, we all worry about missing out on something.

So we fill our lives looking to do as much as possible so we don’t miss out on something.

When I look at myself objectvely, that’s why I had scheduled such a busy day; I didn’t want to miss out on things.

But what I realised sitting in my driveway was that it didn’t really matter. My friends will still love me even though I couldn’t make our catchup; I still picked up a new client even though I missed our meeting and I was still able to communicate with my other clients, just over the phone.

Missing out did not matter. I was able to let go and just be!

ONE MORE THING… I must remember to keep my spare set of car keys in the house NOT in my car! 😉

Mel xx

Melissa Histon

Photographer, philanthropist, adventurer, blogger, avid permitter and social changer, Melissa Histon is a woman on a mission to make a real difference to the lives of women globally. Melissa spent 10 years working in the corporate world before leaving to establish a successful photography business. After experiencing a number of life-altering events, Melissa created The Sista Code in May 2014 with a dream to see women empowered, happy and connected. Whether it's building a house for the homeless in Nepal, interviewing inspiring women from around the globe, or creating events and campaigns to support sistas escaping domestic violence, Melissa knows that true change can only happen when we all stand together and boost each other.

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