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Imagine being able to open your wardrobe every morning and no matter what you are dealing with at that given moment the perfect outfit is right there waiting to be worn…

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This may sound like an insignificant wish in the larger scheme of life however as personal stylists Sam and I have witnessed first hand the difference it can make to someone when they feel they look good.

There is no denying that when someone feels confident and comfortable in their clothes everything just seems a little easier to deal with.

As a 21+ woman I too have my struggles with juggling a work/life balance, trying to stay healthy, enjoying an entertaining lifestyle and keeping a positive mindset when hardships are thrown my way.

However, the one thing in my life that does not cause me any stress or dismay and leaves me free to deal with the “big” stuff is… my wardrobe!

You may think this because I am a stylist (and yes that does help), however, it is mainly due to me putting into practice what I teach clients that being; how to dress with less stress and the techniques required to build a wardrobe that always has your perfect outfit ready and waiting.

In summary…having clothing items that work together and create multiple outfits with minimum effort is definitely what takes the stress out of getting dressed everyday!

Below I share the 6 things you need to consider when creating a workable wardrobe. Follow these steps and you will not only save money and time, you will be able to get dressed without stress and leave your house feeling stylish and confident with the perfect outfit!

  1. Have A Colour Theme

One of the most important steps to creating a workable wardrobe is deciding what colours you want to work with. Choosing colours that work together will assist in creating multiple looks out of minimal items. When choosing a colour theme you must take into account your personality, colour harmony palette* and have an 80/20 balance of classic colours (80%) and fashion colours (20%). 

  1. Sam_303copylowresAudit Your Lifestyle

Do you work 5 days a week, are you a stay at home mum, a student or if you are lucky enough retired? This is an important question as your lifestyle will determine the type of clothes you will need on a daily basis and what will consume 80% of your wardrobe.

Tip: Always spend more on the items that you wear more often. This is what is known in the styling industry as “cost per wear”. For example a $150 pair of tailored pants that you wear to work 3 times a week or a jean that you wear 3 times a week suddenly become inexpensive items.

  1. Be Basic!

Once you have decided on your wardrobe’s colour theme and determined the type of clothing you need to service your lifestyle start purchasing/organising your wardrobe staples. These staples are the base items that make the foundation your wardrobe will be built upon. Wardrobe staples or “basics” are the timeless or classic items; jeans, plain tees, slim fit pant, coat or linen jacket depending on the season, skirt, shorts, camisole/tank. Your “basics” are generally in neutral, timeless shades appropriate to your colour harmony palette such as black, white, beige, cream, navy, brown, khaki, caramel, grey. 

  1. Add Excitement 

Now you have your wardrobe basics sorted it is time to add some excitement and personal style to your wardrobe to ensure you don’t fall into a style rut and get bored with your look. These “exciting” items and colours must reflect your personality and be in your personal best colours. (Your personal best colours are those found in your VC Colour Palette* and are the hues that when you put them against your face make you smile, brighten your eyes and smooth your complexion.)

Each season designers and fashion labels bring us their latest exciting “on trend” or new fashion influences making this the ideal way to update our wardrobes. Adding a sprinkling of these “on trend” colours, shapes or styles will create some excitement to your wardrobe and keep you looking modern, updated and youthful.

To see what is “on trend” and exciting this season visit the VC Blog for some “stylespiration” 

  1. Accessorise

This is where your style and personality can be truly expressed. Accessories include; shoes, bags, jewellery (including costume jewellery), headwear, scarves and quirky clothing items.

Tip: To create a simplistic, minimalist look add just one statement accessory or for quirky, bohemian style try layering multiple accessories.

*For more information on your Colour Harmony Palette or for personal wardrobe and styling help visit

  1. Plan Ahead

As silly as it may sound not having to think about what you are going wear when you wake up can make life so much easier every morning. Especially when your head feels like it is in three different rooms and time isn’t on your side. If you can plan your next day(s) outfit ahead of time this will ultimately save you even more time and stress in the morning.

Tip: At an “In Home” styling session clients often have us style and then photograph various outfits so they always have a stylish look on hand. These images can be left on a phone or printed out and placed in the wardrobe for easy reference. This not only saves time it also means they don’t have to be creative everyday or when in a hurry. Why not have a “play” in your wardrobe and see how many outfits you can create?

With Love,

Jordi and Sam xx

Sam and Jordi Woods

Once you’ve met Sam Woods, it’s hard not to catch her infectious passion for dressing to match your own lifestyle, personality and charisma. It’s why she’s shared the limelight alongside the likes of Gok Wan, Sally Obermeder and Westfield to name a few. Through her consultancy ‘Vibrant Concepts’, Sam has transformed the lives of hundreds from everyday legends to corporate giants. Sam’s 30 years of knowledge and experience has been passed down to her daughter Jordi who with her own unique style, fresh approach and love of all VC stands for is a “chip off the old block” (only younger & cuter)! Let Sam & Jordi show you how to look and feel fabulous everyday – learn the art of illusion dressing, colour matching, styling, translating fashion trends and savvy shopping with their unique styling systems and services that are truly personal and really work!

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