Success leaves clues: how the best of the best build their online brand

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What’s the first thing you do when you meet or are referred to someone new?

Typically you Google them.

When you type your own name into Aunty Google what result do you get? Do you like what you see? Does it send the right message and are you in the first few listings on the page?

A quick online search of someone can reveal a lot of information and those with a strong, unique brand use this to their advantage.

They know exactly how to position themselves as a thought leader or industry expert and they build a strong online presence with a clear, distinct voice that has customers, employers and business partners wanting to connect.

And just like a live, in person networking event, they don’t wait for someone to come over and greet them. People with strong personal brands typically initiate conversations, comment on discussions and share valuable information. Do you?

Not sure where to begin?

Success leaves clues so I recommend you check out some of the best of the best online influencers and learn from their approach.

Here’s 7 I recommend checking out:

  1. Sir Richard Branson – need I say more? The man is the Vigin brand!
  2. Amy Porterfield – she practices what she teaches, follow her and you’ll learn lots.
  3. Marie Forleo – a total superstar when it comes to building a personal brand online- this girl knows how to shizzle and over 250K subscribers tells you how good she is!
  4. Erika Napoletano – want to create a unique brand that stands out? Observe Erika and learn. She’s kown for tattoos, plunging necklines and extreme language, check her out!
  5. Denise Duffield-Thomas – aka the Lucky Bitch – plain speaking, money bootcamp queen, Denise has a clear, unique brand voice and she sticks to it.
  6. Michael Hyatt – I thought it pertinent to give the guys a couple more spots on the list – Michael Hyatt is a leadership force.
  7. Guy Kawasaki – OK so he’s written 13 books so I guess he knows a thing or two ,but as the current Chief Evangelist of Canva, the Australian graphics-design company he seriously gets personal branding.

How unique is your personal brand?

Take my simple personal brand audit and find out what you need to do to build a powerful presence and stand out from the crowd

Finally remember to be #100percentU so #startwithU! 

With Love 

Heidi Alexandra Pollard Xx

Heidi Alexandra Pollard

As a workplace futurist and company culture hacker, Heidi Alexandra and her team are the secret super power for Australia’s most innovative cultures and brands. Heidi Alexandra created a simple model, called The UQ Powerhouse, that codifies what makes healthy, happy and productive workplaces for the future. She believes it is possible for businesses to balance people, planet and purpose with profit and that together we can end workplace bullying, depression, anxiety and suffering. Find out more at

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