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Anthea Boyd and I connected over Facebook – yep that brilliant online connector of people. In December, I posted on The Sista Code FB page about goals for 2015 and Anthea¬†commented that she was supporting cancer research and the Mater Foundation by competing in the ‘Smiling for Smiddy’ Noosa Triathlon.

I’m in awe of anyone who does a triathlon – the kind of fitness and determination a person needs to complete a triathlon is just beyond my realm of comprehension (and physical aptitude) ūüėČ . And as a cancer survivor, I high-5 anyone who is raising funds for cancer research! Go Sista!

I was keen to find out more so Anthea and I ended up chatting over the phone and she told me she was a mum of three children from a small mining and agricultural town in central Queensland, Biloela, making the journey to Noosa with a team of friends to participate in the ‘Smiling for Smiddy’ triathlon.

This triathlon is held each year in November in honour of Adam Smiddy: a 26 year old man who died from an aggressive melanoma. Money raised is donated to the Mater Foundation for cancer research.

Ok, so when I go on the treadmill at the gym, I can get to about 4km running and then I’m busted: Done.

Anthea and her team mates will be doing a 1500m swim, a 40km cycle and a 10km run! 

Anthea has shared her story below. What I love is that she illustrates that BIG success does not always come instantly but if you work at your goals, and keep setting bigger and bigger challenges for yourself, you will succeed. 

Anthea didn’t one day walk out her door and decide to compete in the Noosa Tri. She started off competing in smaller events and set bigger and harder physical challenges for herself until she was ready to go for gold. And she still continues to dream big, already planning for larger, longer and harder triathlons in 2016.¬†

As you know, my mantra is we should look to support and uplift other women. If you wish to support Anthea and her team, you can make a donation by clicking HERE. 

Here is Anthea’s story below…

Mel xx

'Smiling for Smiddy' - The Noosa Tri raising funds for the Mater Foundation

‘Smiling for Smiddy’ – The Noosa Tri raising funds for the Mater Foundation


I find it really difficult to celebrate me, I know that it is a bit out of the ordinary to be a 39 year-old mum doing triathlons but I do believe that if I can do it than anyone can.

I have three children and after having my second child, I realised that looking after myself through good nutrition and exercise is so much easier than not doing it (especially after years of unhealthy living during my late teens and twenties). I began exercising regularly and became a personal trainer.

After my third child was born, I decided that I needed to challenge myself as exercising for the sake of exercising was not enough anymore.

A friend asked me if I’d like to do a triathlon with her. Sometimes I think I should blame her for my ‘obsession’ (especially when my bank account looks sad), but I thank her all the time for putting that question to me.

Anthea Boyd competing in the Noosa Tri

Anthea Boyd competing in the Noosa Tri

I began with competing in small triathlons then decided the challenge was for an Olympic Distance. Now several years later I have competed in four Olympic distance triathlons. But during 2014 I decided it was time for me to cross the finish line not just for myself but to help others.

I knew about¬†‘Smiling for Smiddy’ as our small central Queensland community supports their annual cycle challenge from Brisbane to Townsville.

A very good friend and training buddy of mine, Naomi Bath, has already completed one challenge: a 1/2 iron distance triathlon and the Noosa Tri and is looking at completing her 2nd challenge in 2015. I am always in awe of her and if I need some inspiration and motivation I always pop into her work to chat with her.

So in 2014, I decided to sign up for the Noosa Triathlon and raise funds to support ‘Smiling for Smiddy’. I did this and felt so overwhelmed by the support the Smiddy community not only gives but also receives, that signing up for Noosa again in 2015 seemed like a ‘no-brainer’. But why should I enjoy all the fun?

As a personal trainer I come across many people looking to challenge themselves, what better way to do this than a triathlon? A challenge that seems so far out of reach for ordinary people. But do you know what? Anyone can swim, ride and run. You just need to take that first step.

So, our team in Biloela consists of about 8 people doing the Noosa Tri.

We aim to raise funds for ‘Smiling for Smiddy’ and train to make it to the finish line in one piece. Our team will be working together as well as assisting Naomi with her fundraising efforts for the challenge.

I am very excited to be participating in 2015 and am striving to meet my fitness goals, my personal and business goals. I also want to do my family proud Рmy husband and three great kids who support me to the moon and back (many times at the expense of stuff they want to do).

After succeeding in 2015, bring on 2016 when I will be wiser and more experienced and looking to do a 1/2 iron distance triathlon.

Where and when is the only question!

So, there it is. My story as it stands now. Below is my supporters page link if you would like to support us to raise funds for cancer research.

For more information on how YOU can join me at Noosa Triathlon 2015, please visit

Thanks for your support!


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