Three #Fearless sisters inspire love and unity in the face of cancer.

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It is true that as children we learn about how to act in the world from those around us, whether that be parents, peers and even social media.

Like most of my friends, I often wonder how much influence I have on how my daughter sees the world and the role she plays in it.

Over the past few weeks I have witnessed just how positive and magical influence from parents, peers and social media can be and just how powerful ‘sister love’ is in helping someone through a time of struggle and tragedy.

Like many communities around the world, Newcastle is a place where people are connected, even when they don’t realise it.

In March this year I heard from a friend of the devastating news that a little girl in our community was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer. One minute she was playing with friends, excelling in sport and school…and the next she and her family were dealing with something that no parent ever wants their child to go through.

Yet what makes this particular story stand out to me is the incredible ‘sister support’ this 10 year-old girl’s two close friends decided to give her.

Instead of going about their lives and forgetting their friend who was suddenly having to deal with chemotherapy, her hair falling out and constant testing and procedures…these two girls chose to stay by her side…in a BIG way.

What first started as an idea between two friends sitting in their bedroom after they heard the news has grown into an incredible campaign of support and love.

The two girls decided that they would create wrist bands with the words “I AM STRONG…I AM FEARLESS” and sell them to help their friend get through the tough times. They wanted as many people to wear the bands as possible to show Lani that she has support.

The girls – Kiara and Sienna (and their awesome mums who supported the idea from the start) – created a Facebook page called The #Fearless Sisters and started promoting the bands to family and friends.

Soon they had people from all over the region and even overseas sending them messages and asking to purchase bands.

A school in California even ordered 40 bands to distribute to the kids at the school. Many people posted photos wearing the #Fearless bands and even the school that Lani and the girls go to got involved when some of the boys in her class wanted to shave their heads in support.

And to top it all off, the girls even hit a recent home game with the Newcastle Knights to sell bands to people in the stands. Not even a freezing cold night could stop these strong sisters from supporting their beautiful friend.

Not only that, the girls have appeared on local radio, television, and have had countless local businesses support them by bulk buying bands to give to customers.

A local woman whose own child went through Leukaemia at a young age even took 40 bands and, with the help of her daughter and their friends, sold them at a local charity night for Camp Quality.

When I asked the mum why she had wanted to do this she said it was because she and her daughter had received so much support when they were going through tough times, and they simply wanted to give back.

A comment that one of the mums wrote on the Facebook page really summed up what the #Fearless Sisters campaign is about…

“The power of friendship is priceless. This mixed with the power of social media, positive energy and determination, is what will help see these bands everywhere”.

The Sista Code is about uplifting, inspiring and showing love to fellow women and we want to acknowledge and show our support for The #Fearless Sisters campaign.

As a member of The Sista Code community, we encourage you to show your support for Lani and her fiends Kiara and Sienna by buying and wearing your own #fearless wrist band.

You can head to their Facebook page The #Fearless Sisters for information on how to order and pay for your bands. You can also take inspiration and scroll through the countless posts, messages and pictures of the girls being #Fearless.

Personally what I find most beautiful is that #Fearless Sisters started out as two friends simply wanting to help their friend. They were not after praise, acknowledgement or Facebook fame. They just wanted to say “I’ve Got Your Back Sista”.

I want to acknowledge Lani, Kiara and Sienna’s mothers…because this kind of support is something our daughters learn from us.

When they see us uplifting, supporting and showing love for our friends, it teaches them this is important and a special role we have to play as women…and girls growing into women.

Sending you love, hope and courage Lani and family. There are so many people on your side.

With love, 

Lisa Mills xx

The Sista Code Health and Wellbeing Writer



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