UPDATE: Kirrily is halfway there on her run to stop domestic violence

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Here is an update from Kirsten Molloy on Kirrily’s ultramarathon to stop domestic violence. We first wrote about Kirrily’s run back in September 2104.

Kirrily is more than half way through her 860km ultramarathon through regional NSW to raise awareness about domestic violence. She is running over 20 marathons in 12 days!

As part of the White Ribbon Ultramarathon, Kirrily’s journey started in Walgett on 14th November and finishes in Forbes on 25th November, White Ribbon Day 2014.

It has been a brutal, exhilerating, inspiring epic so far. Kirrily is running through Regional NSW connecting communities with one purpose – to make the violence stop. There have been may conversations. Tears. Grit. Teamwork. Love. Support.

We want to tell this story. To continue this journey to make the violence stop. As we approach White Ribbon Day you can support Kirrily and this purpose by pledging support to produce the documentary. We are filming now.

Regional NSW has some of the highest rates of violence against women, in some areas it is up to 11 times metropolitan rates. Yet it is also where incredible work is taking place and it is having a positive impact. Kirrily is aiming to raise $10,000 to support the White Ribbon Campaign and to stop violence against women.

On behalf of The Sista Code, a big ‘high-five’ to you Kirrily for making a difference in your special way! Awesome!

Help us tell the story You can also follow Kirrily’s journey on Facebook and Twitter. White Ribbon Ultramarathon


THIRTY3SOUTH is proud to announce our support of the Run Against Violence documentary project. In 10 days time Kirrily Dear will commence a 860km run over 12 days through western NSW to raise awareness of the effects of violence against women in our community. We are producing a documentary of Kirrily’s run to help raise awareness that violence against women is a community problem. 


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