How to raise your frequency and fall in love with life again

I’ve always been a pretty upbeat, positive, glass half full kind of gal.  But about a decade ago, I reached a point in my career where my passion was waning and I was starting to feel like every day was groundhog day.

I stopped loving what I was doing and for a positive, happy person, feeling unhappy made me feel even unhappier.

I felt lost. If I mentioned it to anyone, my colleagues, coach or friends they would say, “Do what you’re passionate about,” or “Do what you love.”

Well that was tough because I had been doing what I loved and was passionate about. I had always loved public relations, marketing and branding but something had changed and I didn’t love it so much anymore.

And it was this point in my life that I started my inner journey to rediscover what I loved and how I wanted to be, show up and serve in the world.

I started exploring more about what was my purpose in life?

What was my cause that I would lay down for?

What were my beliefs and values?

Who did I want to be?

How did I want to have an impact and how I could live my legacy now rather than wait until I died?

I didn’t want to be silly and Pollyanna about it but I realised I had been being unrealistic, I had been holding back and being a smaller version of myself.

My coach at the time reminded me of the Henry Ford saying, “whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”  My coach and Henry were right, like most people I had completely under-estimated what I was capable of. It was time to change.

But how does one change when you only know what you know and you’re not sure of where you want to go? I decided to begin where I was and embrace the term #startwithU. As a senior leader at a large government agency I had the opportunity to be of service to my staff, our community and the people we served.

So I began with my mood.

I was tired of my own story and of covering up the loss of my mojo for what I did and so instead I decided to focus on what I could do to support, serve and improve the lives of others. I discovered that pretty quickly my mood affected my employees, the more positivity, energy and enthusiasm I showed the more they became excited, creative and ignited with possibility.


I started to read books on servant leadership, high performance teams, empowering people and leaders with heart and everywhere I looked I saw that the level of engagement of leaders directly correlated to the level of engagement of their employees.

I had wrongly assumed that as their boss it wouldn’t matter if I was passionate about my work or unengaged so long as they felt empowered to get the job done.

How wrong I was – all the research and papers showed a direct link between the personal engagement of the leader and the engagement of their team members. To make matters even more challenging the environment we were working in was toxic and very negative.

I began experimenting with my team doing lots of fun and sometimes crazy things in our large team meetings and was conscious of my personal power or vibrational frequency that I was radiating to them.

I learnt to manage my state on a physical, emotional and intellectual level. I watched for feedback and read the room to see if their eyes were bright and shining or dull and lifeless.

Did they move around the office with my purpose and speed, did the chatter and collaboration seem more animated and excited or were they withdrawing and becoming isolated. Like a tuning fork I began to hone my skills at reading, influencing and increasing my own and therefore my team’s energetic frequency.


If you’ve been depressed for a while emotionally, you may find the low emotional state may cause your intuition, creativity and imagination to dry up and your thoughts to be more negative and hopeless.

The lack of enthusiasm and spark may also cause your body to become more stagnant, slow and sluggish.

With my main goal to be the change I wanted to see I reengaged my focus on moving my body regularly, through walking, yoga and visiting the gym in my lunch hours.

While I was working long hours and commuting and always felt I had too much to do to take a break, I made the effort and on the days I incorporated physical activity I saw how it would set me up for a recharged, energetic, creative afternoon.

If you want to be more spontaneous and free flowing with your ideas, I can’t recommend physical movement more strongly, it will give you clarity as well.


You know this intuitively already – someone you are working with is in a foul mood and they tend to drag you down with them. I saw firsthand in a toxic environment how much human bodies are like tuning forks, when we come into contact with other people our body responds and mirror and matches their frequency.

Watch this video to find out how you can identify and avoid toxic people

A new senior leader had joined the organisation at this point and just the mention of her name would send a negative ripple through the open plan office. So my assistant at the time, Kelli, and I decided we’d do our bit to keep the positivity throughout the workplace introducing a “happy virus” to spread good cheer in the aim of making people more hopeful, positive and productive.

Watch this video to find out how you can overcome adversity, change how you feel about going to work and create a happy virus amongst your workmates or friends.


The good news is that you can improve your overall personal vibration by focusing your attention on the right things and being aware of what power band you are operating from.

Perhaps you’ve noticed you feel bored and impatient, why not shift up a level to being open and receptive?

Or maybe you’re feeling disappointment or frustration with others, then it’s time to shift your focus to gratitude or love.

The reality is the choice is always yours. You get to choose your mood and how you want to feel. You choose who sets the tone and you can move through the clutter and shine at any time.

Just as others affect your personal vibration, yours affects others just as readily so be conscious of choice. Every interaction you have with other people can be inspiring and building, or discouraging and frustrating the outcome depends on your choice or not to #startwithU.

Love Heidi x

As the world’s first company culture architect, Heidi Alexandra teaches leaders and organisations how to unleash people’s unique strengths so they can love their work every day. She created a simple model, called The UQ Powerhouse, that codifies what makes healthy, happy and productive workplace cultures for the future. In an era where “ME” seems to have taken over from “US”, Heidi Alexandra rebalances the equation by teaching that leadership is a choice, a choice to be of service to others. She advises a wide variety of leaders and organisations, including entrepreneurs, corporations and government agencies.

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