Tricky to Toxic Mothers-Daughter Relationships

Do you have a strained relationship with your mother but don’t know why? Is she competitive with you, treating you more like a rival than a daughter? Do you get a strong sense that she wants you to do well in life…but not too well? We like to think of mothers as being universally pleased by and proud of their daughters’ accomplishments, beaming as their offspring shine, but the research shows that it’s often not true.

Many mothers compete with their daughters, are jealous of them and try to control their lives. While daughters become helpless and depressed because they don’t know how to deal with the hatred that comes from the woman who gave birth to them. In this episode, counsellor and psychologist-in-the-making, Kaz Amos, discusses mother/daughter relationships with host, Mel Histon, and why they are not always the loving, positive relationship we want or expect them to be.

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