The Code


Sista Code is the code of how we, as women, live our lives and how we treat each other. We are all Sistas and we can all make a difference in this world.

We need to unite, support each other, uplift each other, love, inspire each other and stop all that negative stuff that suits no purpose but creates circumstances where women can be ostracised, harmed, oppressed or worse. It starts with you and it starts with me! Let’s make a positive difference!

So sistas, lets all:

  1. Support and uplift other women
  2. Celebrate the wins and successes of other women
  3. Lead the way – inspire other women and be inspired by other women
  4. Love you and love others
  5. Have fun and enjoy your life
  6. Laugh often and heartily
  7. Be happy – strive to raise your baseline level of happiness
  8. Pay-it-forward as often as you can
  9. Be open-minded
  10. Let your beautiful self shine without apology