Online contributors guidelines and application

We welcome queries for editorial content and greatly appreciate your interest in writing for The Sista Code.

We have many authors from around the world who love to share their expertise, uplift and inspire other women, impart their knowledge and wisdom and raise awareness of social issues affecting women.

We are looking for articles that will ‘speak’ to our female readers, have a definitive point of view and fall within the values of The Sista Code.

Articles should be average approximately 600 – 800 words or up to 1200 words for more feature articles.

Writing an article for The Sista Code offers many benefits to you, including establishing yourself as an expert in your field, multiplying the number of potential visitors to your site, helping you to build your profile and establishing new contacts. As an author you are not paid cash for your articles, however all articles have your byline with your name, headshot/s, contact information and link to your website.

Please send any queries you have to Queries should include your potential article topics, your bio, and example of your previous writing work and contact information.

Submit an article online
Please submit your final article for approval to Include your article as a word document, your bio, your contact details and a professional portrait/headshot of yourself to be used in the article. Please be patient, it may take 2 – 3 weeks to respond to your submission.